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Big Titles Won for Local Dance Academy

After exceptional examinations, 15 dancers were honoured with invitations to participate in the 2018 North American BATD Trixie Hardy Theatre Branch Scholarship competition. Congratulations to Adelaide Baker, Tori Doran, Natalie Harrison, Meagan Hay, Ruby Kawam, Olivia Kirkland, Kaitlyn Moncrieff, Jaydyn Patterson, Abby Quilty, Ella Quilty, Carmela Rapino, Kira Saito, Lily Saito, Zoe Saito, and Jessica Williams for receiving nominations.

The competition was a weekend full of highlights for the Academy.

Junior Jazz/Modern (110 candidates)

Top 25: Jaydyn Patterson, Kira Saito, and Lily Saito

Fifth Place: Natalie Harrison

Junior Stage (60 candidates)

Sixth Place: Natalie Harrison

Junior Ballet

Top 25: Carmela Rapino

Fourth Place: Zoe Saito

Champion: Ruby Kawam

Senior Jazz/Modern (65 candidates)

Second Place: Zoe Saito

Ruby is now eligible to advance to the international competition held by the association. In addition, Liane Ireland received her lifetime BATD membership award presented by The BATD president Elma Whyte while at the event.

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