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Elevation Dance Challenge 2020

It was a whirlwind of a weekend at Elevation Dance Challenge. Select Performance Dancetroop members attended their first competition since before the pandemic began! Despite the small audience, we could feel the energy from everyone watching the livestream at home. Congratulations to all participating dancers and best of luck with the rest of your season.

Rainbow Connection (Isabella, Ballet) ▻ Diamond ▻ “Well Rehearsed” Special Award ▻ 1st Overall Novice Level 1 Junior Solo

Once Upon A Dream (Lily/Emilie, Ballet) ▻ Emerald ▻ “Perfect Port de Bras” Special Award ▻ 3rd Place Novice Level 1 Junior Duet/Trio

Awoo (Alexis, Tap) ▻ Diamond

On My Mind (Ranyah, Jazz) ▻ Diamond ▻ 2nd in category

Mein Herr (Ranyah, Musical Theatre) ▻ Diamond ▻ 2nd in category

Heartbeats (Ranyah, Lyrical) ▻ Platinum ▻ 1st in category ▻ 1st Place Level 1 Senior Solo ▻ Judges choice routine of session ▻ Judges choice senior choreography ▻ Top Lyrical Novice and Level 1 Score

To top it off, we were runner up studio for overall level 1 average! Thank you Elevation Dance Challenge for hosting a wonderful and safe competition.

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