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Exciting Line-up!

April 7 - 11th is the airing of Terpsichore Dance Celebration's Virtual Flying Solo! 16 of our dancers have been working extra hard to fine tune their routines for this event. The weekend of March 19 - 21 was a busy few days of filming and now we await the results.

The staff are all so proud of our participating dancers. Join us as we cheer them on and livestream the event:

Wednesday, April 7

▻ 12:04pm #129 Forest Fairies: Akela, Isabella and Mya

▻ 12:07pm #130 Tea for Two: Isabella and Mya

▻ 12:24pm #137 Fierce and Fabulous: Elana and Alexandra

▻ 12:27pm #138 Peanut Butter Jelly: Cadence and Lexi

▻ 12:37pm #143 Spring Morning: Alexandra

3:39pm Awards Presentation

▻ 4:51pm #238 Valerie: Alexandra

8:17pm Awards Presentation

Thursday, April 8

▻ 12:45pm #366 Remember Not To Forget: Alexandra and Sophie

▻ 12:52pm #369 Beside You: Lily and Emilie

4:06pm Awards Presentation

▻ 8:01pm #535 Play That Sax: Ryanna and Danika

8:36pm Awards Presentation

Friday, April 9

▻ 3:01pm #649 Faust Variation: Meagan

3:39pm Awards Presentation

▻ 4:54pm #684 Almost Faded: Olivia

▻ 6:32pm #724 Heart of Stone: Olivia

8:37pm Awards Presentation

Sunday, April 11

▻ 11:00am #898 By The Waterfall: Sophie, Iris and Catie

▻ 11:51am #920 Space Jam: Sophie and Catie

3:02pm Awards Presentation

The top routines for each overall will be announced beginning Monday, April 12th and the final awards show will be held April 17 and 18th. Stay tuned for more details.

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