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Flying Solo Competition 2020

Our first comp of the season is done! Congratulations to all of our choreographers and dancers on a job well done.

Your Hold (Emily Open) ▻ Special award for dancing “As One” with her prop

Speaking French (Kaylee Musical Theatre) ▻ Special award for having a “Bright and Beautiful” stage presence

Allegretto Variation (Lily Ballet) ▻ Special award for beautiful “Stage Presence”

Ain’t Nothing Wrong (Grace Jazz) ▻ Special award for dancing “Beyond Her Years” ▻ 7th Overall Junior Competitive Solo

Everywhere I Go (Emily/Jessica) ▻ Choreography Award of Session ▻ 1st Overall 13 and Over Part Time Duet/Trio

Read All About It (Rebekah/Kaylee) ▻ 3rd Overall 13 and Over Part Time Duet/Trio

Telepathy (Kaylee Jazz) ▻ 5th Overall 13 and Over Part Time Solo

Spine (Emily Contemporary) ▻ 1st Overall 13 and Over Part Time Solo

Remember Not To Forget ▻ 2nd Overall 12 and Under Part Time Duet/Trio

Everything That Helps You Sleep (Ruby Lyrical) ▻ Top Lyrical score of the competition

▻ "Power of Stillness" special award

▻ 2nd Overall Senior Solo

The Chase (Ruby Open) ▻ Top Open score of the competition

See You Then (Ruby Acro) ▻ Special award for seamless and controlled transitions between Acro and dance elements

Forest Fairies (Ballet Trio) ▻ Special award for great smiles and presence

Grow For Me (Spencer Musical Theatre) ▻ “Broadway Bound” special award

Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Rebekah Jazz) ▻ 3rd Overall Novice Solo

Grow (Lyrical Trio) ▻ “Team work” special award ▻ Choreography award of session ▻ 2nd Overall 12 and Under Duet/Trio

Rhythm Is A Dancer (Adelaide Tap) ▻ 9th Overall Teen Solo

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