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Groove's Virtual Competition 2020

Despite the pandemic, our dancers stayed dedicated to their craft and came out on top! Congratulations to everyone who competed in Groove's Virtual Competition this past November. All 12 of our routines made the studio proud - you could see their joy of dance even through a camera lens.

Spine - Emily, Contemporary ▻ Elite Diamond ▻ First Place Intermediate Senior Solo

Rainbow Connection - Isabella, Ballet ▻ Diamond ▻ 2nd Place Novice Petite Solo

Awoo - Alexis, Tap ▻ Elite Diamond ▻ 1st Place Novice Junior Solo

Spring Morning - Alexandra, Ballet ▻ Diamond

▻ 9th Place Intermediate Junior Solo

Valerie - Alexandra, Jazz ▻ Diamond

Shine A Light - Grace, Acro ▻ Diamond ▻ 7th Place Competitive Junior Solo

Ain’t Nothing Wrong - Grace, Jazz ▻ Diamond ▻ 6th Overall Competitive Junior Solo

By The Waterfall - Ballet Trio ▻ Diamond ▻ 1st Overall Competitive Junior Duo/Trio

Devil Went Down To Georgia, Tap Duet ▻ Diamond ▻ 3rd Overall Competitive Junior Duo/Trio

Space Jam, Jazz Duet ▻ Diamond ▻ 4th Overall Competitive Junior Duo/Trio

Remember Not To Forget, Ballet Duet ▻ Elite Sapphire ▻ 5th Overall Competitive Junior Duo/Trio

Let’s Bounce, Tap Trio ▻ Elite Sapphire

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