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Karv 2019

The 2019 KARV Dance Challenge holds many great memories for the Performance Dancetroop.

Oh The Thinks You Can Think (Musical Theatre Group) ▻ Entertainment award for session

Midnight Skies (Ballet Group) ▻ Special award for ‘Timeless Technique’ ▻ 1st Overall Int/Sr Ballet Group

▻ Top 5 Intermediate Group score ▻ Qualified for the Dance Off

Cupid (Lily Ballet) ▻ 1st Overall Novice/Pre-comp Petite/Junior Ballet Solo/Duet/Trio

Bella Notte (Alexandra Ballet) ▻ 3rd Overall Intermediate/Senior Ballet Solo/Duet/Trio ▻ Special award for beautiful quality

Meagan Hay ▻ Ballet Scholarship Award

Fabulous (Sophie Jazz) ▻ Pre Competitive Scholarship Award

An Evening I Will Not Forget (Ranyah Lyrical) ▻ 2nd Overall Pre-competitive Intermediate Soloist

Scorpion (Emily Contemporary) ▻ 3rd Overall Pre-competitive Senior Soloist ▻ Pre Competitive Scholarship Award

▻ Choreography award for session

Bossom Buddies (Kaylee/Emily) ▻ 2nd Overall Pre-Competitive Senior Duet/Trio

Make You Feel My Love (Ruby Acro) ▻ Special Award for ‘Control and Connection with the Audience’

▻ 3rd Overall Intermediate/Senior Acro Soloist

Strut (Grace Acro)

▻ 1st Overall Novice/Pre-competitive Petite/Junior Acro Solo/Duet/Trio

The Wisp Sings (Zoe Contemporary)

▻ Special award for ‘Dancing with Punctuation’

Ethereal (Ruby Open)

> Intermediate Standout Soloist of competition

> Invitation to perform again before the dance-off

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