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Shine Dance Competition 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The Performance Dancetroop gave strong performances all throughout Shine Dance Competitions 2019 event.

Never Let Me Go (Lyrical Group) ▻ Choreography award of session ▻ 2nd highest score of session

Spring Gardens (Ballet Trio) ▻ 1st place competitive 1 junior duet/trio

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Tap Trio) ▻ ”Stop on a Dime” special award

An Evening I Will Not Forget (Ranyah, Lyrical) ▻ Choreography award of session

Scorpion (Emily, Contemporary) ▻ ”Move Like Butter” special award

Cupid (Lily, Ballet) ▻ ”Ballet Beauty” special award ▻ 2nd highest score of session ▻ Top competitive 1 Ballet score ▻ 2nd place competitive 1 intermediate solo ▻ National Title Invitation

Cha Cha Girls (Jazz Group) ▻ ”Precision Plus” special award

Find You (Tori/Meagan) ▻ Top score of session

Memory (Adelaide/Kira) ▻ ”One body” special award ▻ 3rd place Competitive 2 Intermediate Duet/Trio

Clap Clap (Ruby Jazz) ▻ ”Command Attention” special award

Ricochet (Natalie/Abby) ▻ ”Balancing act” special award

Tranquility (Jaydyn/Lily) ▻ Judges Choice routine of session ▻ 2nd highest score of session

Strut (Grace, Acro) ▻ ”Firecracker” special award ▻ 2nd place Novice Junior

Carry You (Lyrical Trio) ▻ ”Expressive Energy” special award

Winter Forest (Meagan, Ballet) ▻ Judges Choice routine of session ▻ Top competitive 2 Ballet score

Growing Pains (Ruby, Lyrical) ▻ 5th place Senior Solo ▻ 3rd place Senior Female Solo ▻ Top competitive 2 Lyrical score ▻ National Title Invitation

Midnight Skies (Ballet Group) ▻ Judges Choice routine of session ▻ 3rd place competitive 2 intermediate small group

Dreams (Meagan, Acro) ▻ National title invitation

Make You Feel My Love (Ruby, Acro) ▻ 2nd highest score of session ▻ 2nd place competitive 2 Acro Solo/Duet/trio ▻ 2nd place competitive 2 Acro score ▻ National title invitation

For Life (Ruby/Kaitlyn) ▻ ”Cookie Cutter” special award ▻ 3rd place competitive 2 Acro Solo/Duet/Trio

In the Water (Kaitlyn, Acro) ▻ National title invitation

and the “Intermediate Competitive Level 1 Young Choreographer” award went to Ms Isabella for Never Let Me Go

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