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Tara Forbes - Instructor and Choreographer
R.A.D. Ballet Certification, A.D.A.P.T. Tap and Jazz Certified, I.S.T.D. Modern Certification, PBT Certified

Tara began her journey with dance very early in her life. She studied tap and jazz (A.D.A.P.T.), ballet (R.A.D), and modern (I.S.T.D.), and was a successful competitive student for many years in Canada and the U.S. Since then, her passion for dance has continued to grow and has become a way of life for her.


She has enjoyed over 25 years in the dance industry. Her experiences as a competitive dancer, professional performer, choreographer and teacher have taken her through many different areas of the dance world. Intensive classical ballet teaching studies, musical theatre, stadium concerts and music videos are just a few of these areas. Her diverse background has given her knowledge and experience with many different dance styles and performance platforms.


Tara's most recent projects include choreographing "SUDS: The Rocking 60's Musical" which won Best Production at Theatre Ontario in 2010, and "Cabaret" for which Tara was nominated for Best Choreography at the ACTCO festival in 2013. She enjoys teaching a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap and jazz/contemporary. She is a certified ballet teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance, and is currently working towards her full certification with the exciting ADAPT tap and jazz syllabus.


Many of her students have gone on to achieve successful dance careers either as performers or teachers. Tara is also a member of the Professional Adjudicator’s Alliance as a dance judge. Tara continues to take classes herself, and believes one should always continue to learn about their craft.

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