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Creating the Perfect Ballet Bun

Your dance journey starts with a slick bun! Here is how we recommend you stylize your hair for class.

Items needed:

  1. Hair pony/ elastic

  2. Spray Gel

  3. Hairspray

  4. Open bobby pins

  5. Hair net the same colour tone as hair

  6. Brush

  7. Comb


  • Brush all tangles in hair

  • Saturate hair with spray gel

  • Comb the hair back into a tight ponytail (no bangs allowed, bring all of the hair back)

  • Make sure there are NO wispy pieces of hair sticking out. More gel may be needed

  • Twist the ponytail in a circle and bobby pin the end underneath

  • Take the hair net and twist over the bun, fold it as many times needed to stay tight

  • Press the bun into the head and bobby pin all around the bun to secure

  • Have student shake their head to ensure the bun is in place and will not come out when dancing

  • Hairspray their entire head to secure all aspects of the bun and head

  • Extra pins may be required to hold very short pieces into place

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